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Self Installation

Traditional Estate fencing also supplies 2 versions of Parkland Steel Fencing for self installation.

Self Weld Traditional Estate Fence is a kit version of our popular Chatsworth , Burghley and Highland fences. These quality fences are dispatched loose in 3m or 6m lengths and require welding on site. These versions are the same as our team of skilled fitters would take to site. They are very popular with Builders and property developers who have access to onsite skilled labour. This allows properties to still benefit from the classic look of our metal fences however small the fenceline may be. It also provides greater flexibility on site and can be erected as a site progresses rather than wait until the site is finished. We can also supply gates, end posts and paints to create a really professional estate fence. This version comes pre primed.

Prices from £18.50 per Metre + VAT

No-Weld Traditional Estate Fence. Many moons ago onsite welding was not a possibility and the only ways to make a properly secure and structurally sound steel fence was to use a loose fit system. The Posts were driven into the ground with the rails running through the posts and secured using thin steel wedges or split pins. In turn the rails were connected using crude collars or rivets or simply bolted together, one advance on this was to swan neck each flat rail. Which ever way it was done it often looked unsightly, with the clean lines that we aspire to today being lost. Traditional Estate Fencing has developed its own system of collars. These collars are welded to every 3rd Post (every 3 metres) and provide a secure fixing point for the start and end of every 3m metal rail. Allen screws are used to secure the rails within these collars.

All intermediate posts have key ways incorporated within each hole allowing steel wedges to be driven home to securely hold the rails within each post. Traditional Estate Fencing No-Weld system is ideal for self erection and can reduce the cost of installation considerably, allowing you to utilise existing pre-costed staff to install the fence. These parkland fences use the 16mm round bar as rails and are ideal for all terrain from flat to undulating ground. The No-Weld sytem can be supplied pre primed / bare metal for onsite painting or can be left to rust naturally.

Prices from £20.50 per Metre + VAT



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