Estate Fencing Panels, Metal Fencing Panels, Parkland Panels


We are often asked for small runs of Traditional Steel Fencing, often to go beside entrance gates or to split new build properties. Our Traditional Estate Fencing Panels can be supplied in various finishes. From bare metal, which is becoming increasingly popular, to the traditional painted - this doesnt just have to be black , all we need is a RAL number and for those that require zero maintenance Galvanised.

The Metal Panels can be installed easily with the minimum of drama or skill. The panels come with pre-welded h feet and can be driven into the ground or concreted in. They are secured to the next panel by coach bolts.The Panel Fences come in standard 2 metre lengths and avoid the cost of getting an installation team to erect the fence. We have 2 versions of the metal estate fence, taken from our popular Burghley range. The panels are suitable for flat or gently undulating ground, but should not be used on steep slopes. The panels can describe gentle arcs but are best in straight fence lines. The Traditional Estate Panel Fences provide a simple way of creating a fabulous fenceline.

Prices from £28.00 per Metre + VAT

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