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Traditional Estate Fencing supplies quality wrought iron Parkland Fencing throughout the United Kingdom. Prices from £14.50 per metre and we will not be beaten on price. Our park fencing and gates are ideal for large estates, private gardens or amenity areas and provides a classic break between formal gardens and wilder areas. We are proud to be British, all of our parkland fences are made in England by our skilled craftsmen.

Metal Estate Fencing

Our three ranges of Traditional Mild Steel fencing and Metal Gates cover all requirements from light ornamental use up to heavy stock fencing and are supplied to site loose, just as they would have done 150 years ago. Traditional Estate Fencing has no weak joints as it is welded solid on site, the fence line follows curves, up and down undulations and works around obstacles. Modular panel systems of estate fencing do not have this flexibility. Post and Rail fencing typically lasts 15 or so years, Metal Estate Fencing will last for 60 plus years and is virtually maintenance free, save for the odd lick of paint.

Parkland Fencing

Traditional Estate Fencing is an investment, it adds structure to your property and delineates views in a classic, stylish way that has been enjoyed since Victorian Times. Estate Fencing adds value to your property - do it once, do it well ! Traditional Estate Fencing will match any other quotation, we operate nationwide and we will not be beaten on price. A specialist Fence Installation team is required to erect the wrought iron fence. Our wrought iron fences need welding and painting on site, this provides a solid, attractive and durable fence that will last for over 60 years.

Latest Blog Posts

  • High Deer Fence with Corner Gate
    High Deer Fence with Corner Gate Estate Fencing is a very popular type of fencing for Deer. Typically our Deer Fencing is between 1.8m and 2.25m High. This version is 2.25m high with 6 solid rails and 3 'floating' wire lines. The floating wires keep the deer contained without being too visually obtrusive. All gates can be locked for extra security. The fenceline incorporates an area of mature woodland providing both shade and shelter for the Deer.
    Written on Monday, 16 July 2018 17:01 Read 8 times
  • Estate Fencing around Manege in Hertfordshire
    Estate Fencing around Manege in Hertfordshire Traditionally all fencing around a manege or equestrian schooling arena was hard up to the arena edge. It could be argued that this has some schooling benefits but certainly doesn't help the general aesthetics. Here you see our Burghley 5 rail  traditional estate fencing set well back from the arena, helping to maintain the wider more open aspect. 
    Written on Monday, 04 June 2018 09:11 Read 147 times
  • Estate fencing in Essex
    Estate fencing in Essex Estate fencing has an immediate impact on its surroundings. This Burghley 5 rail Estate Fencing in Essex has been allowed to weather naturally and melts into the wider parkland setting. See how the lakeside fencing is nearly invisible. The Traditional Companies fluted tree guards give shape to the trees within the parkland whilst protecting them from the horses. The alternative fencing option would have been a wooden post and rail fence, current timber treatments have reduced the lifespan of these wooden fences to less than 10 years, whereas Traditional Estate Fencing will last for many decades. Post and Rail Fencing would have dominated this classic setting, not enhanced it. This difference…
    Written on Friday, 25 May 2018 08:40 Read 170 times
  • Estate Fencing for New Builds in Suffolk
    Estate Fencing for New Builds in Suffolk The Traditional Company supplies and installs fencing for many of the countries leading housebuilders. Estate fencing creates an excellent boundary between new properties, clearly marking the divide without "cluttering" the space. This creates a real feeling of space , subtle but significant. This new property development in Essex has used our 1m high 4 rail Burghley Park Fencing. Often these areas do not require gates , just simple boundary lines. The estate fence is complimented with an end post topped off with a cast iron canonball finial. Our park land fencing is supplied to house builders, property developers and private individuals as "primed mild steel", we can galvanise upon request.
    Written on Thursday, 12 April 2018 13:02 Read 451 times
  • Increasing the height of Existing walls using Estate Fencing in Kent
    Increasing the height of Existing walls using Estate Fencing in Kent Our ability to manufacture bespoke estate or parkland fencing allows us to craft the best possible fence for your location. Here you see a traditional stone wall with brick course at the National Trust's Knole Estate in Kent. This sits within the 1000 acre Historic Deer Park. A solution was required to keep the deer in the park, whilst maintaining privacy to the private gardens, a 1.5m wall would have looked too imposing. So a 3 rail traditional estate fence was suggested, this was core drilled into the Brickwork, welded and painted on site. The end result maintains a balanced aspect both in and out of the property.
    Written on Wednesday, 21 March 2018 16:13 Read 556 times

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